AMATEURS / AMATORZY – Poland, 2020, 95 min., Comedy, Drama

Director: Iwona Siekierzynska

Writers: Waleria Jurkowska, Iwona Siekierzynska

Cast: Wojciech Solarz, Roma Gasiorowska, Mariusz Bonaszewski, Anna Dymna, Malgorzata Zajaczkowska,       Krzysztof Kowalewski, Marzena Gajewska

The story begins when Krzysiek’s “Biuro Rzeczy Osobistych” theater (created by intellectually disabled actors) wins the festival. The award sponsored by the professional theater is the possibility of staging the performance. Great joy, great opportunity, great expectations. Krzysiek and his actors are currently working on a new play, Greek Zorba. It would be great to put her on a real stage. It turns out, however, that when the theater director offers them cooperation, he sets certain conditions. When the star – Wiki – appears, Krzysiek’s actors are charmed by her charisma. Time pressure, fascination with Wiki … The premiere has to take place, but will Krzysiek be proud of it?

Awards and nominations:

  • Directors Guild of Poland 2022 – Winner – Krzysztof Krauze Award Best Director – Iwona Siekierzynska
  • KineNova International Film Festival 2021 – Winner – Special Jury Mention International Competition – Iwona Siekierzynska
  • -Polish Film Festival 2020 – Winner – Award of the Network of Studio and Local Cinemas              Best Film – Iwona Siekierzynska (director), Winner – Don Kichot – Award of the Polish Federation of Film Discussion Clubs  Best Film – Iwona Siekierzynska (director), Nominee – Golden Lions Best Film – Iwona Siekierzynska (director)
  • Shanghai International Film Festival 2021 – Winner – Golden Goblet Best Actress – Marzena Gajewska, Nominee – Golden Goblet Best Film


29 Aug 2022



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