HOUSE ARREST – Russia / 2021/106 / Satirical drama

Director: Alexey German Jr.
Writer: Alexey German Jr., Maria Ogneva
Cameraman: Ivan Burlakov
Cast: Merab Ninidze, Anna Mikhalkova, Roza Khairulina, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Alexander Pal, Alexandra Bortich, Anastasia Melnikova and others.

When university professor David uses social media to accuse the local mayor of corruption, there is an immediate backlash. David is falsely charged and put under arrest in his home.

Compared to Aleksey German Jr’s previous films, House Arrest appears rather modest in terms of production, but it is this directorial approach that highlights the gravity of the situation and allows the viewer to fully explore the main character’s mind. House Arrest is relentlessly critical of Russia’s political situation. Merab Ninidze is spectacular in this political satire about an ordinary person’s fight with the establishment and the hardship people endure to stand by their moral values in contemporary Russia.


Awards and nominations:

  • The Pingyao International Film Festival – the Audience Award
  • Cannes Film Festival, 2021 – Un Certain Regard
  • Golden Eagle Nomination – Best Actress – Anna Mikhalkova
  • 2 Nika Nominations – Best Actor – Merab Ninidze – Supporting Actor – Alexandr Pal


04 Sep 2022



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