OTHER PEOPLE /  INNI LUDZIE – Poland, France, 2021, 106 min., Drama

Director: Aleksandra Terpinska

Writers: Dorota Maslowska, Aleksandra Terpinska

Cast: Jacek Beler, Sonia Bohosiewicz, Magdalena Kolesni, Marek Kalita, Sebastian Fabijanski, Beata Kawka, Zuzanna Bernat, Krystyna Tkacz

It is a dynamic and hypnotizing story about love and the lack of thereof. It’s a romance set in the times of disintegrating human connections, life long burden of loans in Swiss francs, box diets, cheap wine and a constant hum of social media. The action takes place in contemporary Warsaw and develops following the original rap beat. At first glance Kamil and Iwona have nothing in common. She is a bored and desperate wife living the luxurious life. He is 32 and still lives with his mother in an apartment building, dreaming about a hip hop career and working odd jobs. Their relationship looks irrelevant on the surface but it will force them to see their life choices and people around in a different light.

Awards and nominations:

  • Koszalinski Festiwal Debiutow Filmowych Mlodzi i Film 2022 –
  • Nominee Grand Jantar Best Feature Debut – Aleksandra Terpinska (director)
  • Polish Film Festival 2021 – Winner -Award of the Network of Studio and Local Cinemas                Best Film, Winner – Best Actor          Feature Film – Jacek Beler (actor)
  • Winner – Best Debut Director    Feature Film – Aleksandra Terpinska (director)
  • Winner – Best Editing     Magdalena Chowanska (editor)
  • Winner – Onet Awards  Discovery of the Festival -Aleksandra Terpinska (director)
  • Nominee – Golden Lions              Best Film – Beata Rzezniczek (producer), Klaudia Smieja (producer)
  • Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2021 – Winner – FIPRESCI Prize                First Feature Competition


27 Aug 2022



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