PARENTS-IN-LAW / TESCIOWIE – Poland, 2021, 82 min., Comedy, Drama

Director : Jakub Michalczuk

Writer: Marek Modzelewski

Cast: Marcin Dorocinski, Maja Ostaszewska, Izabela  Kuna, Adam Woronowicz, Ewa Dalkowska, Piotr Kazmierczak, Monika Pikula

A grand wedding ceremony begins in the banquet hall of a large hotel. It cost a lot of money, so it will be held even though it has not been reached by… the bride and groom who broke up at the last minute. Their absence, however, does not prevent the more and more tipsy guests from having fun in champagne. At the back of the hotel, the parents of the would-be newlyweds wage a war (at first only by words), blaming each other for the failure of the wedding. These two couples are divided by their social background, property status, and mentality – which only fuels grievances on both sides. The game of appearances ends, masks fall, true intentions and characters come to light, and cross-talk is enriched with the secrets of each couple discovered. The black comedy Teściowie is an adaptation of the play Shame, whose author, Marek Modzelewski, was also the film’s screenwriter.

Awards and nominations:

  • Camerimage 2021 – Nominee Golden Frog Polish Films Competition Michal Englert cinematographer) Jakub Michalczuk (director)
  • Off Camera International Festival of Independent Cinema 2022 – Nominee Flights Award Polish Feature Films Competition Jakub Michalczuk (director)
  • Polish Film Awards 2022 – Nominee Eagle Best Cinematography Michal Englert (cinematographer) Discovery of Year Jakub Michalczuk (director)
  • Vancouver International Film Festival 2021 – Winner Audience Award Jakub Michalczuk


31 Aug 2022



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