PURE WHITE / BEMBEYAZ – Turkey, 2021, 97 min., Drama

Director: Necip Caghan Ozdemir

Writer: Necip Caghan Ozdemir

Cast: Mert Firat, Ece Çesmiog, luInanç Konukçu, Riza Akin, Kubilay Tunçer, Esra Ergün, Sarp Tanis

Vural’s life is the epitome of mundanity. Born and raised in a pious family, he performs his duties as a father to a young boy, a bread-winning husband, and a caring son to his sick father, with whom he runs a photography shop across the American Consulate in Istanbul. Continuing the family traditions, he preaches the lessons of the righteous life to his son. Yet, Vural has a secret, a minor transgression of his faith: An affair with Sonay, a young woman who visits his shop for passport pictures she needs in order to apply for a visa to the US. Sonay dreams of leaving and finding her luck elsewhere. Her dreams, however, shatter. In her emotional distress she confronts Vural, putting a threat on his uncomplicated living. Vural is faced with a hard choice: to deal with the consequences of the sin he committed or to cover it up and go down the dark path of dealing with his complete loss of morality.

Awards and nominations:

  • Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival 2021 – Winner SIYAD (Cinema Writer’s Foundation) Jury Award Best Film Necip Caghan Ozdemir, Nominee Golden Orange Best Film Necip Caghan Ozdemir
  • International Crime and Punishment Film Festival 2021 – Winner Audience Award Best Film Necip Caghan Ozdemir, Nominee International Golden Scale Award Best Feature Film Necip Caghan Ozdemir
  • Malatya International Film Festival 2021 – Winner Crystal Apricot Award Best Actress Ece Çesmioglu, Nominee Crystal Apricot Award Best Film Necip Caghan Ozdemir


28 Aug 2022



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Hall 1 – FCC