THE LAST BATH / O ÚLTIMO BANHO – Portugal, France, 2020, 95 min., Drama

Director: David Bonneville

Writers: David Bonneville, Diego Rocha

Cast: Anabela Moreira, Martim Canavarro, Margarida Moreira, José Manuel Mendes, Ângelo Torres, Miguel Guilherme

Josefina is a 40-year old nun who is about to take her perpetual vows. She is called back to her childhood village to attend her father’s funeral when she meets her 15-year old nephew who has been abandoned by his mother. Isolated, back at the old family house in a sun-drenched remote village, the nun and her nephew feel disconcerted as feelings of attachment emerge.


  • 2022 PORTUGUESE ACADEMY of MOTION PICTURE ARTS & SCIENCES (Sophia Awards) – Best Picture Award (The Last Bath), Best Original Screenplay Award (David Bonneville, Diego Rocha), Best Art Direction Award (Bruno Duarte)

Nominations: Best Director (David Bonneville), Best Leading Actress (Anabela Moreira), Best Leading Ator (Martim Canavarro), Best Supporting Actress (Margarida Moreira), Best Cinematography (Vasco Viana), Best Sound (Dana Fazanephour, Elsa Ferreira, Simon Apostolou), Best Original Soundtrack (José Alberto Gomes, Jonatan Blati), Best Special Effects/Characterization (Hoël Sainleger, Olga José), Best Costume Design (Patrícia Dória), Best Makeup and Hairstyling (Olga José)

  • 2022 – FANTASTIC AWARDS – Revelation in Cinema Award (David Bonneville)
  • 2022 – VANCOUVER Independent Film Festival – Best International Feature Film The Last Bath, Best Directing David Bonneville, Best Acting Ensemble Anabela Moreira, Martim Canavarro, Margarida Moreira, et al.
  • 2022 – CINETENDINHA Awards – Best Actress Award: Anabela Moreira in ‘The Last Bath’
  • 2021 – OSCARS\’ Best Foreign Film submission nominee Portuguese Academy of Film
  • 2021 – GOTHENBURG Film Festival, Sweden- Ingmar Bergman Award nominee
  • 2021 – LUSO-BRAZILIAN FESTIVAL of Santa Maria da Feira – Best Feature Film (David Bonneville), Best Actress (Anabela Moreira)


31 Aug 2022



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